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Site Seeing
Below are links to some of my personal favorite websites. 

Influential Players - As a guitarist, these are the players that have influenced me the most.
Look Out! - Guitarist you should definitely keep your eye on!
Forums - These are the forums that I participate in and have the most useful and helpful contributors. 
Guitars - Some of my favorite builders of today.
Amps - Again, some of my favorite builders of today.
Effects & Controllers - Stuff that really catches my attention.
On-Line Shopping - These are some of my favorite places to buy new and boutique gear.
Repairmen - The top guitar and amp repairmen in the country.
Miscellaneous - A list of websites that I find interesting and entertaining.
Look Out

Always a great forum to stay connected.
Influential Players
Steve Lukather
Chuck D’Aloia
Effects & Controllers
Jack Briggs Guitars
Misc. COOL Sites
Just a great resource for DIY projects and information.
On-Line Shopping
A great music store with a very useful website with sound clips! Call Eddie Berman.
If you don’t know Andy Brauer, you are definitely missing out. Check out his site and it will become obvious.
This is Cliff Cultreri’s very cool on-line store for boutique gear.
Another great place to shop in the boutique world.
Jason Barker runs this site. He’s a fine musician provides a great site for unique information.
Just a fantastic site for so many things. I just love the information available on this site.

Another great forum to stay connected.
I like the gear talk forum because the community is very knowledgeable.

If you are fan like me, you will really enjoy this site!
This is “THE” site for DIY amp building. Simply a GREAT resource!
Robben Ford
Brian May
Alan Holdsworth
Scott Henderson
Bryan Kahanek
Derek Trucks
Andy Timmons

Joe Satriani
Nik Huber Guitars
Fine Tuned Instruments
Gene Baker Guitars
Classic Amp - Mike Franceschini
Mike does repair work, mods, consulting, tour support for guitar and bass amps.  818-621-7814 or email him at
You can contact Mike at 818-621-7814 or email him at
Billy Yates
Contact Billy through TrueTone Music at 1-310-393-8232.   Amazing guy and he even does solid state!
Dave Weiner
Allen Hinds