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Chris Conte
Chris Conte is a guitarist and songwriter from Southern, California. Playing for over 30 years, Chris has worked with numerous musicians primarily in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas areas. His guitar playing style leans towards rock and blues music, but has strong influences in jazz and funk. 

Chris began playing guitar at the age of 11 and was influenced heavily by his early rock heroes of the 70s including Brian May (Queen), Roger Fisher & Nancy Wilson (Heart), Neal Schon (Journey) and Tom Scholz (Boston) to name a few. At 13, Chris was performing weekend gigs and backing up other musicians at the Toy Theater, a small local nightclub in the San Fernando Valley. The Toy Theater was the showcase venue for legendary talent manager, Dane Turner’s, up and coming talent. 

In the 80s, Chris was seriously influenced by the brilliant styles and tones of monster guitar players such as Steve Lukather, Mike Landau, Alan Holdsworth, Dan Huff, Joe Satriani, Pat Metheny and, of course, one of his biggest influences, Robben Ford.

In 1984, Chris attended Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) in Hollywood where he grew not only as a guitarist but as a musician and songwriter. “GIT was my first formal music education. It gave me a whole new perspective toward music. I studied under great musicians such as Danny Gilbert, Frank Gambale and Scott Henderson. They helped me narrow in on my playing style of progressive rock and blues”. While attending GIT, Chris was also mesmerized by Jazz guitarist and instructor Ron Eschete and country guitar-slinger Steve Travato. “GIT completely opened my mind to new music and styles and it introduced me to some of the finest musicians in the industry”.

Chris has been fortunate to play with a variety of talented musicians both in original composition and cover bands. Chris currently plays with the very talented Relish band throughout the Southern California area. 

Major Influences
Chris’s major guitar playing, song writing and early musical influences include Brian May & Queen, Steve Lukather & Toto, Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson, Allen Holdsworth, Tom Scholz & Boston, Dan Huff & Giant, Larry Carlton, Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays, Nancy Wilson and Roger Fisher of Heart, Neal Schon & Journey, Neil Geraldo & Pat Benatar, Joe Satriani and of course, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison & The Beatles.

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